$375,000 - $1,500,000

Westdale was Canada’s first planned community. Begun in the 1920’s, It was intended to be a self sufficient community, and remains so today, with banks, grocery store, schools, library, theatre and shopping all located at the centre of the neighbourhood in the quaint shopping district of Westdale Village.

The unique street layout ensures a walkable, aesthetically pleasing community, full of tree lined streets curving through neighbourhoods in a distinctive oval pattern. Houses range in size and styles, including Tudor-inspired, and Streamlined Moderne.

Today Westdale is a diverse and lively place, with both vintage charm and contemporary flair, containing a remarkable range of over 80 shops, restaurants, cozy cafes, unique boutiques and old-style bakeries along(and just off) King Street West, not far from downtown Hamilton. 

Interesting Fact:

Westdale was almost known as Vimy Ridge – for the World War I battle fought just six year before the community was built. 6,000 Hamiltonians entered a contest to name the new community. In 1923, the winning entry was announced -- and Westdale got its

What’s Here:

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