Crown Point

$175,000 - $395,000

Bordered by Gage to the east, Kenilworth to the West, Burlington to the north and the escarpment to th south, Crown Point is the westernmost part of what is now known as the East End. The East End was originally rural land belonging to Barton and Saltfleet Townships. The City of Hamilton annexed tha area in sections in the first half of the 20th century.

Crown Point is a vibrant  lower town community in the midst of a renaissance. Best known for the Ottawa Street Fabric & Textile district and antique alley. Featuring everything from smaller starter homes, to larger 2-1/2 story brick houses nestled at the foot of the esparment.

What's Here:

Interesting Fact: Ottawa Street North is home to the original Tim Hortons restaurant, which opened in 1964. This birthplace of the Tim Hortons chain has recently been re-vamped as the Tim Hortons Museum.

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