Located on the Niagara Escarpment west of Hamilton, Ancaster is one of five communities absorbed by the city of Hamilton in 2001. Ancaster mixes old town atmosphere with new home neighbourhoods, and is known for it’s manyluxurious homes and the quaint stone village at its core.

Founded in 1793, Ancaster is one of the oldest European communities established in Ontario and has a rich industrial, agricultural and military history. In the age before electricity, the abundance of streams and creeks in Ancaster were a valuable source of energy.

 What’s Here:

Interesting Fact: Ancaster was once Upper Canada's  largest industrial and commercial center with the 2nd largest populace (1,681) - surpassing the populations of nearby Toronto (1,376) and Hamilton (1,000).After the 1820s, Ancaster's influence began to wane.

Today, Ancaster is home to 33,00 people, and population growth in Ancaster is the highest amongst the five Hamilton's communities and has double the growth rate of the province of Ontario. 

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